The online video database for administering medication.

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A future-proof care model, in which the patient exercises autonomy regarding their own health, which can be realized through the support of ICT and Multimedia. For Better Care (FBC) wants to contribute to the development and amelioration of patients, caretakers  and care professionals. By always providing knowledge anywhere, patients, caretakers, and care professionals are even better equipped to take their development of knowledge and skills into their own hands.


For Better Care (FBC) is an organization that wants to make the pharmaceutical care and its services future-proof. In order to achieve this, we want to collaborate with parties that are also focused on improving, renewing, and innovating care and services for patients.

FBC is therefore focused on: patients and their caretakers, care professionals (in training) who work with medication, management of training institutions, and care institutions.

FBC makes short instruction videos available which concerns the administration of medication. The instruction videos show a patient and a caretaker. Additionally available for use and download, are the text and instruction manual based on (inter)national sources, protocols, and guidelines regarding the way of administration. This way, FBC provides the much needed knowledge, skills, and online current manuals about administration of medication by caretakers and care professionals.

FBC sets itself apart from other suppliers of similar videos, since we include text, visual, and auditory in the experience. This is always and anywhere available on the internet, as long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The core values of FBC are: teamwork, protecting and appreciating the things that do well, quality delivery of products and services, and always wanting to improve for patient’s sake.


The most important target groups for FBC are the patients, caretakers, and care professionals (in training) who administer medication.



FBC makes instruction videos for the administration of medicine available via the website which can be viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone by obtaining a licence. These manuals, that have an expiration date, can be downloaded and will be updated on an annual basis. The instruction videos enable caretakers to listen and read in an easy and clear manner how to administer medication the right way. Incorrect ingestion and/or use of medication has a negative impact on complaints, the course of sickness, and the health of a patient.


Care providers (in training) are because of this assortment better equipped to take the learning process in their own hands, in order to stay and become capable and qualified. They can learn anywhere at anytime when they feel the need. Information about the consultation of the offered products by the customers is for trainers and managers available per request.

Indien gewenst kan FBC aanvullend op het aanbod in samenwerking met zorginstellingen en opleidingsinstituten op locatie, vaardigheidstrainingen verzorgen.

If desired, FBC is able to organize training courses in cooperation with care institutions and training institutions in addition to the already existing assortment, which will be given on location.



The online video database for administering medication.