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The online video database for administering medication.

About For Better Care

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For Better Care (FBC) is an organization that wants to make the pharmaceutical care and its services future-proof. In order to achieve this, we want to collaborate with parties that are also focused on improving, renewing, and innovating care and services for patients.

FBC is therefore focused on: patients and their caretakers, care professionals (in training) who work with medication, management of training institutions, and care institutions.

FBC makes short instruction videos available which concern the administration of medication. The instruction videos show a patient and a caretaker. Additionally available for use and download, are the text and instruction manual based on (inter)national sources, protocols, and guidelines regarding the way of administration. This way, FBC provides the much needed knowledge, skills, and online current manuals about administration of medication by caretakers and care professionals.


FBC sets itself apart from other suppliers of similar videos, since we include text, visual, and audio in the experience. This is always and anywhere available on the internet, as long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The core values of FBC are: teamwork, protecting and appreciating the things that do well, quality delivery of products and services, and always wanting to improve for the patient’s sake.

The online video database for administering medication.
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