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Biography Jan Akkermans

My name is Jan Akkermans (59), married, father of two children, and founder of "For Better Care". After my education for registered nurse, I have amassed 25 years of experience and knowledge in the hospital care in management, staff, and policy functions.

Thinking about the health care provision and how we can ameliorate the organization and the performance thereof, with the underlying question: “Will the patient profit from it?” is my passion.

Back in 1998, I had the chance to put my ambition to continuously ameliorate, renew, and innovate the health care provision to good use, when I was project leader during the transformation of the from origin American concept "Joint Care" to the Dutch environment of the Jeroen Bosch hospital. In collaboration with all the involved intra and extramural parties, this program for Total Hip Prosthesis –and Total Knee Prosthesis patients is designed.

During my master of Art in Health in 2004, in the direction of Policy and Innovation, this passion has led to the research, implementation, and securing of "nightly clinical hemodialysis" in the Jeroen Bosch hospital.


An important conclusion of this literary study, in which a hemodialysis patient and nurses were involved, was that the current conventional hemodialysis treatment no longer the "golden standard for kidney functioning replacement therapy is".

After my studies, I worked for 10 years as senior advisor at the national organization 'Institution for Responsible Medicine Use' (IVM). In collaboration with colleagues, I had taken the initiative to develop and make e-learnings available in the field of medication safety specifically for care takers and nurses (in training).

With "For Better Care", I want to contribute to ameliorating, renewing, and innovating the pharmaceutical health care provision. Using the method Appreciative Inquiry, I am planning on working together with other concerned parties, seeking positive elements, exploring possible chances, aimed at the desired outcome.

The goal is: working together on future-proof care by using ICT and multimedia technologies where "the patient will profit from."



The online video database for administering medication.
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